Barrettes ETC 

Barrettes ETC!

Chantal Dufresne

Barrettes ETC owner and founder

Barrettes ETC was born in 2014 thanks to my passion for dogs. Having had several Shih Tzu over the years and I still have three beautiful Shih Tzu at the moment, I wanted to combine my love for them and be able to create and make quality handmade products and to do this I chose the barrettes on hair clips and elastic hair bows as I evolved around the world of long haired dogs, I noticed that it was difficult to find beautiful barrettes and bows in Quebec that were made locally. With my website I would like to offer more people from everywhere to buy and use my creations. From one thing to another, we had the privilege of becoming a supplier of Mondou Pet stores in the province of Quebec, a big thank you to Mondou for the trust! 

I try to diversify my production as much as possible by offering different fabrics when making my products, so you will find barrettes and bows in grosgrain, in organza, and tulle and according to my creations of new type of ribbons or as new material is added.

My love of dogs has been transformed into a small company where I hand make dog hair bows and barrettes on clips! 

My elastic bows always have two orthodontic elastics for a higher quality that will last longer and having 2 elastics if one breaks you can continue to use it just the same. For the barrettes on clips they are double alligator prong type so they hold well but to solidify them we suggest using a elastic rubber band before hand to secure hold. 

Barrettes ETC's mandate is to make you discover novelties regularly and the ETC opens the door to other types of creation such as the flaring mats or decorative necklaces and more itmes along the way.

Of course our clips on clips can also embellish dog clothing worn by your family pet whether they are short or long hair; the clips can become a beautiful jewel, a brooch or a decoration on the clothes of your faithful companion. (see the pictures).

Our products are hand made for your loving and wonderful pets

My Love of Dogs and animals 

Dog Breeder List

 I would like to share some websites  of dog breeders I know and like.

Responsible adoption!

Adoption in shelters is just as important and I would like to share some Canine Shelters web site

Other interesting canine websites

Here are other websites of the canine world that I use or that visit: they sites of services, information or simply some favorites or references in the canine world.

Mondou Stores for Animals

Some of our creations from Barrettes ETC are on sale in all Mondou pet stores in Quebec: it was for a great achievement and pride and we are grateful.

Barrettes ETC 

Barrettes for the Pawsome Dog!

Pretty Dog Hair bows on orthodontic elastic or beautiful barrettes on clips for the beautiful dog who has style.

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We are a small family business we work from home

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Telephone : 450-934-1257

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We are located in Laval QC