Barrettes ETC 

Barrettes ETC Dog Hair Clips 

Our Barrettes ETC barrettes are hand made by Chantal Dufresne: they are not imports or products assembled in series but for me they are like small jewels I craft with love because I am a lover of dogs. For Barrettes on clips I use an alligator hair clips of 35 mm double prong type (see photo) for maximum hold of the clips and they are covered with various grosgrain fabric that I glue by hand. Please note that for a good hold on your dog it is important to always make a quilt and use a good elastic: I suggest the orthodontic that we offer in the shop and then put the  clip that will hold firmly.

Most of our Barrettes are decorated with different ornemantations. Looking at the clips and barrettes offered on the market I think I can say that they are unique and bear my signature : Barrettes ETC

"Barrettes ETC" Barrettes for the Pawsome Dogs "

Dog Hair Clips  with Grosgrain

Barrettes ETC clips are not only for long hair dogs they can be clipped on clothing or collars!