Barrettes ETC 

Barrettes ETC Dog Elastic Hair Bows

The Dog Bows are made using 2 orthodontic elastics

Our Barrettes ETC dog bows are hand made by  Chantal Dufresne on two (2) orthodontic elastics which means they are of superior quality and do not dry as much or not as quickly as the regular elastics that you see most of the commercial products made in series: but for me they are small jewels do with love because I am a lover of dogs. I put two (2) elastics on each bows so that if one of the two breaks you have one left. Please note that two turns on a hair quilt is sufficient and that the Barrettes ETC  Bows will hold well, be advised that the more  you stretch the elastic and the more likely it is to break it. My elastics are not sewn afterwards either but integrate into the  bow before the final fitting so no thread that can break.

Most of our bows are mounted with different ribbons and are handmade and some are decorated with different types of ornemants. Looking at the bows available on the market I think I can say that they are unique and that they bear my signature : Barrettes ETC "Barrettes ETC Barrettes for the Pawsome Dogs"